Check the safety of electrical products – does it have this mark?

Consumers have a right to be electrically safe when they buy electrical products, despite the enormous growth in online stores. Tested and compliant products would have this RCM mark on them, giving assurance that they meet Australian standards.

The recent ruling where a importer and online seller was fined $1.2 million is a stark reminder for importers to ensure their products are safe before importing or offering them for sale in Australia. Read more here.

The RCM is a symbol signifying that a supplier has taken the necessary steps to have the product comply with the electrical safety and/or electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) legislative requirements, read more here.

The Consumers Federation of Australia has a representative on the Standards Australia technical committee QR-012 Conformance marking to regulatory requirements which is preparing and updating standards ensuring the safety of electrical products. The CFA Standards Project ensures peoples interests are represented in the development of standards. Find out how to get involved here.