CFA Webinar Series

CFA’s quarterly webinar series will continue on Friday 14th June from 2-3pm AEST.

The webinar will be hosted by Gerard Brody, CFA Chair and CEO of Consumer Action Law Centre, and Gemma Mitchell, Managing Solicitor at Consumer Credit Legal Service WA.

Gerard and Gemma will share reflections and insights from their recent travels to Portugal for the Consumers International Summit, which brought together 460 representatives from consumer groups, government, business and civil society to learn from each other about the critical issues affecting consumers in our digitised and globalised world.

CFA webinars are free and open to members and their employees. If you work for a CFA member, please circulate this to others in your organisation.

We will be using Zoom to host the webinar — visit their website to create a free account and keep an eye on our website and communications in the coming weeks for more information.