CFA calls on ACMA to stop phone number discrimination

Rotary telephone diagram

CFA has backed the call for the communications regulator ACMA to act to stop the unfair discrimination against mobile phone users in relation to 1800, 1300 and 13 numbers.

CFA’s short submission to the ACMA Numbering Project supported CFA member ACCAN’s call for ACMA to consider how it can facilitate social inclusion and achieve broad social goals, including the promotion and protection of human rights through the Numbering Plan review.

CFA pointed out that  “by failing to require CSPs and their customers to provide 1800 access to mobiles on the same basis as landlines the original purpose of those numbers is undermined. …  there is considerable confusion among consumers as to the charges that apply if any to 1300, 13 and 1800 numbers.”

CFA is very concerned that as more and more consumers rely on mobile telephones the discriminatory pricing for 1800, 13 and 1300 services between mobiles and fixed lines has unavoidable negative impacts for ordinary consumers and can lead to social exclusion for some consumers.

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