Carbon Claims Complaints Decline

Complaints on claims made regarding the impact of the carbon price on retail costs have steadily decreased since the carbon price’s introduction on July 1.

The ACCC released its second round of complaints data showing that total complaints since the introduction of the carbon price totalled to just 1260.

ACCC Chairman, Mr. Rodd Sims explained that ‘compared to the 630 carbon price related complaints and enquiries received within the first ten days of the scheme, this represents a decline from an average of 63 complaints per day to approximately 45 per day’.

The ACCC emphasised that this number of complaints is not large when considered against the, on average, 900 complaints and enquiries that the ACCC has received per day relating to other issues since July 1.

In response to some of the complaints received the ACCC has announced enforcement action against two solar panel distributors along with Brumby’s and Equipserve with regards to carbon price claims.

Mr Sims said that ‘businesses that make a good faith attempt at calculating the effect of the carbon price have nothing to fear from the ACCC’ and that ‘businesses in general are making an effort to ensure that their staff are aware of the importance of not misleading consumers.’