Call for comments on electronic health records system

The Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing, in consultation with a working group of representatives from Commonwealth, state and territory health departments, has prepared an issues paper on the proposed establishment and implementation of a Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record (PCEHR) system. 

The PCEHR is intended to be a secure, electronic record of an individual’s medical history, stored and shared in a network of connected systems. The paper covers the issues of participation, access, privacy, security and governance of a PCEHR system.

For more information about the PCEHR System Legislation Issues Paper, go to the [ilink url=””]Department of Health and Ageing website[/ilink].

You can also download the issues paper here:  [ilink url=”$File/PCEHR%20legislation%20issues%20paper-FINAL%20060711.pdf” style=”download”]PCEHR System Legislation Issues Paper[/ilink]

The closing date for comments and submissions is 5 p.m. (Australian Eastern Standard Time), Wednesday, 3 August 2011.

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