ACCC program removes over 95,000 unsafe products

Peter Kell
Peter Kell

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has led a national product safety surveillance program resulting in the recall or removal from sale of over 95,000 unsafe products including trolley jacks, children’s nightwear, bunk beds, cots, hot water bottles, blinds and curtains.

“More than 95,000 unsafe products have been removed from the shelves and almost 100 retailers issued with warnings” ACCC deputy chair Peter Kell* said.

The results from this surveillance show the effectiveness of enhanced collaboration between the ACCC and state and territory consumer protection agencies in detecting and addressing noncompliant goods in the marketplace” Mr Kell said.

Between March and August 2011 over 1,300 retailers including major department stores, speciality stores, discount variety stores, small traders, online retailers and markets were targeted. More than 3,800 product lines were inspected across Australia.

Some retailers may face court action for selling products that fail to meet mandatory product safety standards” Mr Kell said.

The ACCC will continue to take action against manufacturers, importers and retailers that do not comply with the mandatory standards. Recent action includes fines of $400,000 issued to Dimmeys for selling non-compliant children’s nightwear, and $300,000 issued to Fantastic Furniture for suppling non-compliant bean bags.

“Suppliers must meet Australia’s mandatory standards or face potential prosecution with fines. The ACCC is ready to take action against any supplier who breaches these laws,” Mr Kell said.

“The ACCC was pleased to see high levels of compliance with some new national mandatory standards, including for products such as moveable soccer goals and corded blinds and curtains, which only came into effect this year. However, compliance in some product categories with long-standing mandatory safety standards, such as hydraulic trolley jacks, was poor.”

If consumers have queries about any products they have purchased they can seek information on the product recalls website,

The ACCC and state and territory consumer protection agencies have already commenced work on the next national surveillance program which will be focussed on toys and children’s products and will be completed prior to Christmas.


* Mr Kell was Deputy Chair of ACCC at the time of this release but has recently taken up a role as a Commissioner at ASIC.

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