Responsible Business Practice in Australia

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St James Ethics Centre has released “Responsible Business Practice in Australia”, a report to the Australian Government. It was launched at the 12th National Business Leaders Forum on Sustainable Development at Parliament House in Canberra on 16 July.

The report reviews the key lessons learnt from St James Ethics Centre’s national ResponsibleBusiness Practice Project, which aimed to increase the numbers of Australian companies and small to medium enterprises actively engaged in responsible business practice and to improve and refine the tools available to promote responsible business practice across all levels of management.

In releasing the report Dr. Simon Longstaff, Executive Director, St James Ethics Centre, commented “Australian business has a great capacity to do good while sustaining profitable enterprises. We believe that the foundations for future prosperity lie not just on a structure of enlightened self-interest – but on a set of relationships of mutual interest and advantage. That is why, in the end, we encourage responsible business through the recommendations of this report.”

The report identifies several responsible business and sustainability policy, leadership and practice priorities for consideration by the Australian Government. St James Ethics Centre prepared the report following consultation and workshops with over 50 representatives from its key project stakeholder groups drawn from government, business, the investment the not for profit sector (including consumer representatives), professional service firms, civil society and academia.

For more information and a copy of the report, see [ilink url=””]St James Ethics Centre’s Hub of Responsible Busing Practice in Australia[/ilink]


Do you think promoting responsible business practice is to consumers benefit – is it a good way to ensure consumers’ rights are protected?

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