Law & Courts in an Online World: Presented by the Sir Zelman Cowen Centre

Gavel and Law

CFA has always committed itself to sharing knowledge of forums and conferences that discuss relevant topics on consumer protection, law and other pertinent topics to members and the general public. We are happy to share details of a conference in the area of Law and the Online World, being hosted by the Sir Zelman Cowen Centre. Please see below for further information.

The Sir Zelman Cowen Centre is pleased to announce the Law and Courts in an Online World Conference being held in Melbourne between the 8th and 9th of November this year.

The conference explores the following themes:

•             Law for All (access to justice)

•             Online Dispute Resolution

•             The Future of Courts and Tribunals

•             The Future of the Profession

There are a number of exciting sessions which will explore consumer issues, including  online dispute resolution and access to justice themes. Two of the keynote speakers have headed up quite well developed online dispute resolution schemes in the Netherlands and British Columbia. Colin Rule, who developed ODR software for Ebay and PayPal will also be speaking through telepresence software.

Further sessions include  ‘Civil Justice Online: The Pros and Cons’. Our ‘Future of A2J (access to justice)’ session, chaired by Damien Carrick. A specialist masterclass on Online Dispute Resolution: The International Experience, facilitated by Shannon Salter and Judge Dory Reiling will also be provided following the completion of the conference.

This conference will provide invaluable knowledge and experience to those within the legal sector. Persons of interest include practitioners, judiciary, tribunal and court administrators, practice managers and public servants.

Details of the conference including sessions, location and cost are available here and here.

You can also access further information on the website, accessible here.