2010 Election – Consumer Platform

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CFA lobbies for better consumer rights – often with great success. The 4 key challenges we issued to political parties in 2007 have since all been met.

CFA’s 2010 election challenge called on each of the major parties – the Greens, the Liberal party, the Labor party, and the Nationals, to address twelve key issues The election challenge was  developed by consumer advocates across Australia from many organisations. [ilink url=”http://consumersfederation.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/ElectionPlatform2010Final_0001.pdf” style=”download”]CFA 2010 Election Platform[/ilink]

Australian consumers are badly under-represented in policy formation and general political debate – and they deserve to be heard. The consequences are:

  • Australian consumers continue to be poorly served by key industries. These include utilities, telecommunications, insurance, and air travel.
  • Social justice remains out of reach for low-income and other vulnerable consumers, which prevents them from fully participating in the consumer economy.
  • Vulnerable consumers need protection against financial exploitation, and assistance to cope with ever increasing cost of living pressures, and complex products and markets.
  • Australians’ health is not adequately protected. Needed consumer protection measures include adequate food labelling and the adoption of the precautionary principle in the regulation of chemicals.

In sum, Australian consumers deserve:
1. Representation
2. Effective industry regulation
3. Social justice
4. Safe products

[ilink url=”” style=”download”]CFA 2010 Election Challenge [/ilink]  pdf 4.2mb.

The four policy challenges promoted in CFA’s 2007 challenge were:
1. The implementation of national unfair contract terms law
2. The appointment of a Federal Minister for Consumer and Competition Policy
3. The creation of a single national framework for the regulation of consumer credit
4. National, uniform regulation of residential tenancy databases

As noted above, all have since been implemented.

These are all positive developments, and will serve Australian consumers well into the future. But there is still a long way to go.

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  1. Hello, and sorry being so late, but my concern is for the better understanding of Strata titled units. There is little talk about this and affects many in the community whether potentional buyers of a Strata titled home unit or is renting in one. There has been discussion regarding the licensing under NOLA of Strata Managers and as yet am to hear the conclusions on this.
    Hope you can consider this. Many thanks for all your work.
    Rhonda Algaba

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